Friday, 9 July 2010

Artticle 46: "IGBA" (GARDEN EGG)

By S. Olanrewaju Disu

A very valuable agricultural product (nutrition) is in our market in Lagos area is "garden egg" or :igba" in local parlance. The "egg plant" is a shrub primarily grown for its fruit. The fruit is variable i n size and shape, ellipsoid to elongate, green or white-streaked green. It is botanically known as "Solanium melongena, Faily Solanaeeae"

This fruit is an annual product. It is naturally low in fat and calories and its filling. It has fiber content that helps control blood glucose levels. "Garden egg" consumption helps in gaining maximum benefit from fruit eating because it is usually eaten fresh with the skin which is edible. Eating plenty of fruits is very helpful in warding off heart disease and stroke.

Some residents of the metropolis cook and eat the fruits as a palatable vegetable with good source of minerals and vitamins. The leaf of the "garden egg" plant is useful for tooth ache and as a snake bite remedy. It is also applied to areas of skin disease, infections and sores.

The "garden egg" fruit is sometimes used as a stimulant. It is also said to be dyspetic and constipating. Above all, the dried fruit is reported to contain guitrogenic substance. A wonderful fruit Indeed

Illustrating Photographs

(A) Garden Egg fruit on sale at the Isolo Market

(B) Another variety of Garden Egg fruit on sale at the Oshodi Market

(C) Yet another variety of Garden Egg fruit ath the Ejigbo Market

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