Thursday, 25 March 2010


By S. Olanrewaju Disu.

The mango fruit is an annual delicacy in Lagos Area markets. The mango fruit, or simply called “mango”, is a yellowish red tropical fruit with a firm skin, hard central stone, and juicy, aromatic, sub-acid pulp. The fruit is variable in shape, 2-6 inches long and can be sometimes greenish or reddish in color. The botanical name of the mango fruit is “Mangifera indica”.
The mango tree that bears the mango fruit is a large evergreen tree [mangifera indica] of the “Sumac family”. It grows up to 90ft and sometimes with spread up to 125ft. Its leaves are lanceolate, 6 – 16 inches long, rigid, deep green and almost glossy. When flowering, its flowers are pinkish-white. When in season, the matured mango tree produces large quantities of mango fruits indeed.
In Lagos Area Markets, the fruits are good thirst-quenchers during the dry-season when the trees bear their fruits. In addition to this, however, the mango-tree is very useful to the populace all-year round. Its massive frame with very wide branches-spread provide canopy and shelter against the burning tropical sun and heat.
In addition to this, the leaves and bark of the mango tree are of great value to traditional medical practitioners. They are said to contain tannins, resins, glycoside and flavonoids. Hence they are locally used to treat bronchitis, anaemia,diabetes and malaria fever.
The mango-tree grows extensively in this part of the world so much so that its fruits are extremely plentiful when in season. Many of them go bad due to poor storage facilities. The large populace simply cannot consume this bountiful produce of nature. Therefore, a couple of fruit juice industries have sprung up; packaging mango fruit juices in addition to other citrus fruits.
Hence, we can say that the mango fruit is of good value economically and industrially.

Photo’s :

A--- Unripe mango-fruits on a mango tree in an orchard in Lagos State.

B--- Freshly harvested mango fruits on sale at the “Agege Market” in Lagos State.

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