Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Article 49: "GBURE" the "Water Leaf" Vegetable

By S. Olanrewaju Disu

As the name implies, the water leaf vegetable is extremely abundant during the rainy season. Urban and sub urban markets in Lagos area are always overflowing with water leaf vegetables everyday of the week. They are not only plentiful during this time, they sell cheaply too.

Ironically, the water leaf plant or "gbure" in our vernacular language is scientifically classified as a weed but in reality, it is a very "palatable weed"Its scientific name is "Talinum Triangulare, Family Portulacaeae"

The vegetable is eaten cooked as a pet-herb and in soups, as a condiment in sauces or raw in salad. It is reported by experts to be rich in mineral salts and amino-acids as well as having anti-scorbutic properties i.e prevention against the scurvy disease.

The water leaf vegetable is an erect, fleshy leafed and evergreen herb that is often cultivated almost everywhere in Lagos State. It is very easily propagated by cuttings and by seeds and it has a quick growing and short life cycle

Ilustrating Photos;

A. "Gbure" the waterleaf vegetable on sale at the Ejigbo Market

B. "Gbure" the waterleaf vegetable on sale at the Isolo Market

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