Friday, 23 April 2010

Article 31: Millet .

By S. Olanrewaju Disu .

An interesting agricultural product in Lagos Area Markets is the millet. Both in physical size and volume of sales, the millet is at the bottom rung! The millet is a small-seeded annual cereal, which is used for food by humans and also fed to birds and domestic livestock. The number of humans who use the millet as staple food is small relative to the whole populace.

The millet found in our markets in Lagos Area is botanically called “Pennisetum typhoides, Family poaceae”. It is grown in the savannah and semi-arid northern parts of the country. People who consume the millet and millet-based foods in Lagos State are people from the northern parts of the country who have settled in Lagos.

Food made from millet include the “tuwo” – i.e. millet-porridge; “palp” – i.e. millet- custard and “kunu” – a very popular food-drink seasoned with local condiments. People who use millet as food conventionally take the “millet-palp” as their breakfast tea. This is taken with sugar to taste in addition to fried bean-cakes. Though the millet is an annual cereal, it is always available in our bigger markets, e.g. the “Mushin Market”, all-year.

Photo :
The millet on sale at the “Mushin Market”.

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